07-17-96     Thursday's Banking Committee Hearings
07-18-96 NYT's "Editorial Notebook" Today
07-19-96 Greenspan's Testimony
07-22-96 Dumping Dole
07-23-96 Today's Congressional "Economic Summit"
07-24-96 Special Report: Party Realignment
07-25-96 National Savings
07-26-96 Political Realignment
07-29-96 Electability
07-30-96 George Ayittey's July 26 WSJournal Op-Ed
07-31-96 Perot Straw Poll
08-01-96 President Clinton's WSJournal Interview
08-02-96 Anti-Terrorism Legislation
08-05-96 Peter Drucker Interview
08-06-96 How Fast Can We Grow?
08-07-96 The Character Issue
08-08-96 Bob's Veep
08-09-96 Marketing Forecasting
08-12-96 Dole's Foreign Policy
08-13-96 The Vader-Skywalker Ticket
08-14-96 The Black Vote
08-15-96 GOP Intolerance
08-16-96 My Favorite Kemp Convention Story
08-19-96 Letter to Alan Murray, Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal
08-20-96 Response to A. Blinder's NYTimes Op-Ed Piece Today
08-21-96 Fred Barnes and the Beltway Standard
08-22-96 The IMF, the Evil Empire
08-23-96 How Fast Can We Grow?
08-26-96 Targeted Capital Gains Tax Cuts
08-27-96 Memo to Peter Passell, NYT, Re: Kaldor Argument
08-28-96 The Next Secretary of State
08-29-96 This Ain't Supply-side!
08-30-96 Bare Knuckles, an Evil Book
09-03-96 Slapping Iraq
09-04-96 Euro-Fantasies
09-05-96 Middle East Oil
09-06-96 From Saddam's Perspective
09-09-96 The Ugly American
09-10-96 Iraq and the Beltway Press
09-11-96 Trigger-Happy in Iraq
09-12-96 Supply-side Memo to Time
09-13-96 Iraq: Waco Writ Large
09-16-96 Bob Dole, Supply-sider
09-17-96 New Jersey Senate Race
09-19-96 A Vote for Bob Dole
09-20-96 An Advertisement for Ourselves
09-23-96 Why Voters May Choose A Man They Don't Trust
09-24-96 Rubin the Hero
09-25-96 For Political Junkies Only
09-26-96 The Inside Story on Mexico
10-01-96 The Cold War Is Over, Is Over, Is Over
10-02-96 The Real Larry Kudlow?
10-03-96 Thomas Jefferson, Racist Pig
10-04-96 Krugman vs. Jude (Whoops!)
10-07-96 Dole Wins Debate
10-08-96 Jack, the Jerk
10-09-96 Electoral College Dynamics
10-10-96 WOW! Surprise Endorsement
10-11-96 Clinton's Riskier Scheme
10-14-96 Farrakhan & Kemp
10-15-96 Critiquing Kissinger
10-16-96 A Word for Louis Farrakhan
10-17-96 Bill Gates' Billions
10-18-96 The New Jersey Senate Race
10-22-96 Mailbag: Taxing the Rich
10-23-96 The Source of Illegal Immigration
10-24-96 Memo to Kissinger
10-25-96 Update for Political Junkies
10-28-96 Mailbag: A Wired Response
10-29-96 Sunshine Patriots
10-30-96 Rangel at Ways & Means
10-31-96 Me and Jack
11-01-96 The Case for Bob Dole
11-04-96 The Taiwan Scandal
11-05-96 I Ain't No Crackpot
11-06-96 The Beltway Kids
11-07-96 No, Doctor No
11-08-96 Paul Krugman's Ponzi Scheme
11-11-96 The Bell Curve and Racism
11-12-96 Slouching Toward Gomorrah
11-14-96 Letter on Farrakhan
11-15-96 Good Job, New York Times
11-18-96 The Death of Alger Hiss
11-19-96 Presidential Timber
11-20-96 Texaco Shakedown
11-21-96 A John Kasich Interview
11-22-96 How to Conduct Foreign Policy
11-25-96 Keynes and Neo-Keynes
11-26-96 Archer Hits Target
12-02-96 China's Entry into the WTO
12-03-96 Re: The Decline of Economics
12-04-96 WSJ "Outlook" Column
12-09-96 That Sloshing Money
12-10-96 Escaping Capital Gains Tax
12-11-96 A Giant Hoax
12-12-96 Helping Tim Russert
12-16-96 Trent Lott, Gold and the CPI
12-17-96 Milken the Crook
12-18-96 Our Position on China
12-19-96 "Dollar" Bill Bradley
12-23-96 China Trade Surplus
12-24-96 The Best Man Wins
12-26-96 Letter to WSJ Re: "Bubbles"
12-30-96 Writing about Taxes
01-02-97     The Evil Empire Hearings
01-06-97 Letter to Solzhenitsyn
01-07-97 George Orwell at AEI
01-08-97 Memo to Newt Gingrich
01-09-97 Letter to NYROB
01-13-97 Cheers for John McLaughlin
01-14-97 An Evil Tax?
01-15-97 We Told You So
01-16-97 Memo to Greenspan
01-20-97 Fixing Social Security
01-21-97 Job Retraining
01-23-97 The Strong Dollar, We Told You So
01-27-97 Free Markets
01-28-97 Memo to Senator Daschle
01-30-97 Memo to Saskatoon
02-03-97 Upside-Down on Capital Gains
02-04-97 Behind the Oval Offics
02-05-97 A Little Bit of Inflation
02-06-97 Memo to Senator Torricelli
02-11-97 Two Freshmen Senators
02-12-97 Wall Street Bubble?
02-13-97 Warning the President
02-18-97 About John Kasich
02-19-97 Social Security and Wall Street
02-24-97 Memo to McLaughlin
02-25-97 Economists and Common Sense
03-03-97 The Wealth Effect
03-04-97 Jefferson Revisited
03-05-97 Chinese Bogeymen
03-06-97 I Am Not a Crank
03-10-97 A New York Times Warp
03-11-97 Reading Greenspan's Mind
03-12-97 Environmental Economics?
03-13-97 A Quack from Mr. Rausch
03-17-97 'Jude the Odd'
03-18-97 Letter to Abe Foxman
03-19-97 China Threat, Sophomore Style
03-20-97 Work Ethic, Italian Style?
03-24-97 Why NATO at All?
03-25-97 Exchange with Foxman
03-26-97 No Laffer Matter
03-27-97 Easter Tidings
03-31-97 Memo to Ralph Reed
04-01-97 Catholics in China
04-02-97 A Caretaker Speaker
04-03-97 Jude Loses His Temper
04-07-97 School Integration
04-08-97 Saving Africa
04-09-97 China, Not Yet Communist
04-10-97 A Kind Word for Gore
04-14-97 Tiger Woods and an End to Racism
04-15-97 More on Tiger and the Racial Divide
04-16-97 Tim Russert Interview with Farrakhan
04-17-97 We're Holier Than Thou, China
04-21-97 Memo to Tim Russert
04-22-97 Letter to the President
04-23-97 My Penpal, Mayor Koch
04-28-97 Mandatory Volunteerism
04-29-97 A Dangerous Man
04-30-97 Dialogue with Mayor Koch
05-01-97 The Drudge Report
05-05-97 In Defense of Trent Lott
05-06-97 Murray Kempton, R.I.P.
05-07-97 A Night at the Pothole
05-08-97 Meeting with Larry Summers
05-12-97 Big Projects for the Presidents
05-13-97 The New Jersey Tax Cuts -- Ha, ha, ha
05-14-97 China and Christianity
05-15-97 Whitaker Chambers, by Sam Tenenhaus
05-19-97 Bye-Bye Mobutu
05-20-97 Indexing Capital Gains
05-21-97 Friendly Advice to Greenspan
05-22-97 Trent Lott and Kelly Flinn
05-27-97 Buchananomics
05-28-97 Jackie Robinson, Welfare Case
05-29-97 China and Religious Freedom
06-02-97 The Marshall Plan
06-03-97 What? Has Greenspan Lost His Zeal?
06-04-97 Oklahoma and McVeigh in Perspective
06-05-97 The Death Penalty and McVeigh
06-09-97 Double Standard?
06-10-97 Story Ideas
06-11-97 Political Realignment
06-12-97 Easing Immigration Tensions Via Economic Growth
06-16-97 Note from Pat Buchanan
06-17-97 Exploiting Women's Work
06-18-97 Nixon Was Not Guilty
06-19-97 Letter to the President
06-23-97 Disney and the Southern Baptists
06-24-97 Paying Off the National Debt, a Bad Idea
06-25-97 Hot Air at The New York Times
06-26-97 The Evil Empire, Continued
07-01-97 A Prediction on China in 2017 Testimony
07-02-97 The Unbearable Obscurity at Le Monde
07-03-97 The Future of Islam
07-07-97 Read My Lips, Mexican Style
07-08-97 The Weekend with Farrakhan
07-09-97 Capital at Risk, Labor at Risk
07-10-97 Stimulating Supply and Demand
07-14-97 The Ten Most Dangerous Men (and Women)
07-15-97 The WSJournal's "Outlook"
07-16-97 Letters on Immigration and Growth
07-17-97 Letters on Immigration and Growth II
07-21-97 Rep. Peter King for Speaker?
07-22-97 Shame on Bob Rubin
07-23-97 Why Our Crystal Ball Ain't Working
07-24-97 The High-Tech Babies and Capital Gains
07-28-97 We Are All Supply-siders Now
07-29-97 Patient Capital?
07-30-97 Patient Capital, Part II
07-31-97 Why I Watch "Face the Nation"
08-04-97 A Good Word for Barron's
08-05-97 Memo to Cokie
08-06-97 Surplus in 2002, Dow at 9000
08-07-97 A Message to Catholics, from Min. Louis Farrakhan
08-11-97 A Hall of Mirrors
08-12-97 Rewriting History to Suit George Bush
08-13-97 Forces of Evil Fight Corruption!
08-14-97 The "Lightly Taxed" Mexicans
08-18-97 The UPS Strike, A Classic
08-19-97 In Defense of Marion Barry
08-20-97 Financial Turmoil in SE Asia
08-21-97 R.I.P., Rex Barney
08-25-97 Men I Most Admire
08-26-97 Arafat's Embrace of Hamas
08-27-97 No Tricks, NATO
08-28-97 No Admiration for President Clinton
09-02-97 Getting Lost in New Jersey
09-03-97 School Choice: Agreeing with Mario Cuomo
09-04-97 Thinking About Di
09-08-97 Opposing NAFTA Is Not 'Protectionism'
09-09-97 Correspondence with Jesse Helms
09-10-97 Larry Summers, Mercantilist
09-11-97 We Do Not Choose to Run
09-15-97 More on Public/Private Education
09-16-97 More Hot Air
09-17-97 Middle East Oil
09-18-97 Euro-Fantasies
09-23-97 Peter Drucker Interview
09-24-97 20/20 Foresight
09-25-97 A Global Warming Website
09-29-97 Kill McCain-Feingold
09-30-97 Campaign Finance: Memo to Trent Lott
10-01-97 Going to Church in China
10-02-97 A Clean Sweep by El Nino
10-06-97 Sam Donaldson, Common Denominator (Ha, Ha)
10-07-97 Promise Keepers, a Victory for the Gals
10-08-97 The Ugly Americans
10-09-97 Greenspan's Budget Committee Testimony
10-14-97 Greenspan's Golden Smoking Gun
10-15-97 Day of Atonement
10-16-97 Anti-Semitism in Southeast Asia
10-20-97 "Cinderella" and the NYT Party Pooper
10-21-97 Whither a Surprise?
10-22-97 Lip Reading at the GOP Inquisition
10-23-97 Hot Air at the PBS "NewsHour"
10-27-97 Memo to Pat Buchanan
10-28-97 Call It Deflation
10-29-97 The Limitations of Currency Boards
10-30-97 Memo to Alan Greenspan
11-03-97 Please Don't Bomb Iraq
11-04-97 China Invented Democracy?
11-05-97 Christie Whitman by a Whisker
11-06-97 Punish Saddam, Good Boy or Bad
11-10-97 Congratulations To John McLaughlin, Again
11-11-97 Let's Hear Tariq Aziz
11-12-97 Onward to Slow Track
11-13-97 Let's Blame the Politicians, Not the Press
11-17-97 The Phony Crisis in Iraq
11-18-97 Memo to Steve Forbes
11-19-97 Saddam, A Perfectly Reasonable Statesman?
11-20-97 One Cheer for Affirmative Action
11-24-97 Saddam: Madman or Tyrant
11-25-97 The Reagan Budget Surplus
11-26-97 A Thanksgiving Advertisement
12-01-97 Louis Farrakhan In Chicago
12-02-97 Global Cooling?
12-03-97 GOP Intellectuals: Black and White
12-04-97 A Dollar As Good As a Dollar
12-08-97 The Global Economy Exists
12-09-97 "I Told You So, Glenn Loury"
12-10-97 Why Jews Are Different
12-11-97 A CHRISTMAS GIFT: Discovering Classical Music
12-15-97 The Most Evil, Dangerous Man in the World
12-16-97 Dr. Angell's "Real-Estate Standard"
12-17-97 Warning to Sen. John Kerry to "Cool It"
12-18-97 A Proprietary Holocaust
12-22-97 Letter From Louis Farrakhan
12-23-97 Pink Panther at the United Nations
12-24-97 Pray for South Korea, Greenspan, Rubin & Summers
12-29-97 Spinning Gold into Dross
12-30-97 A Reagan Biography
12-31-97 Happy New Year, Mother Earth
01-02-98     Seven Books That Shook Wanniski
01-05-98 New Year's Resolution
01-06-98 Report Card on Asian Ills at AEI
01-07-98 John Kasich, Presidential Timber
01-08-98 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
01-12-98 How to Save Asia 1, 2, 3
01-13-98 The Mind of a Terrorist
01-14-98 A Strict Gold Standard
01-15-98 Letter to The Wall Street Journal
01-20-98 Jack Kemp's Iraq Initiative
01-21-98 Here Comes Congress
01-22-98 Steve Forbes and Abortion
01-26-98 Thinking of Clarence Thomas
01-27-98 Senator Jesse Helms & Iraq
01-28-98 Clinton, Pleasure & the Top of the Pyramid
01-29-98 Welcome Georgia State! At Last!
02-02-98 The Iraq Disconnect
02-03-98 Maureen Dowd's Apology to Justice Thomas
02-04-98 Love Your Local IRS Agent
02-05-98 In Defense of Saddam Hussein
02-09-98 The Dark Side of Camelot
02-11-98 A Nibble on the Golden Hook
02-12-98 Julian Simon, R.I.P.
02-17-98 Bombs & Bigger Bombs vs. Kemp and Kofi
02-18-98 Where Did Saddam Come From? Part I
02-19-98 Where Did Saddam Come From? Pat II
02-23-98 Iraq Facts: Does the President Know?
02-24-98 Iraq: Good Job, Kofi
02-25-98 Say's Law, Back on the Books
02-26-98 Farrakhan and Islamic Terrorism
03-02-98 Attacking Kofi Annan
03-03-98 And Then There Were None
03-04-98 And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor
03-05-98 Puerto Rican Statehood
03-10-98 All the Oil in the World
03-12-98 Letter to Barron's
03-16-98 Bill Clinton, the Great Satan?
03-17-98 Naive Globalism?
03-18-98 What to Do With the Budget Surplus
03-19-98 Postpone NATO Expansion
03-23-98 Democracy in China
03-24-98 Patient Capital
03-25-98 How Uncle Sam Is Cheating Pakistan
03-26-98 Quite a Comic Book!
03-30-98 Anti-Democratic Democracies
03-31-98 Richard Nixon vs. Kofi Annan
04-01-98 A Hoover Fan at Treasury
04-02-98 SSU Students: Where You Are From
04-06-98 The Dow Jones Industrials at 9000
04-07-98 What Happened at Halabjah?
04-08-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, #1
04-09-98 To Our Elder Brothers
04-13-98 Three Cheers for Jack Nicklaus
04-14-98 A Good Word for Slavery
04-15-98 Number Two of Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski
04-16-98 Time's Top 20 Leader and Revolutionaries
04-20-98 In Defense of Muhammed Abdul Aziz
04-21-98 How to Handle Y2K
04-22-98 A Kind Word for Taxes
04-23-98 Number Three of Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski
04-27-98 How Not to Fix Japan
04-28-98 What's Going On Kweisi?
04-29-98 Campaign Finance Reform: It Won't Work
04-30-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, #4
05-04-98 Iraq's Hidden Mustard Gas
05-05-98 In Defense of Rep. Dan Burton
05-06-98 Kemp Letter to Greenspan
05-07-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski #5
05-11-98 In Defense of Dan Burton (cont.)
05-12-98 The Evil Empire and Indonesia
05-13-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, #6
05-14-98 Shame on The Economist
05-18-98 A TalkShop Dialogue on Race and Politics, Part I
05-19-98 A TalkShop Dialogue on Race and Politics, Part II
05-20-98 Bye-Bye Ol' Blue Eyes
05-21-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, No. 7
05-26-98 Pulling the Trigger on Indonesia
05-27-98 Tempest in a Chinese Teapot
05-28-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, No.8
06-01-98 Barry Goldwater, R.I.P.
06-02-98 Kemp -- the Glue of the Republican Party
06-03-98 The Absolutely Amazing Joe Stiglitz
06-04-98 Ten Movies That Shook Wanniski, Number 9
06-08-98 Letter from Moscow
06-09-98 More Hot Air at The New York Times
06-10-98 Spitting on the Flat Tax
06-11-98 Ten Movies that Shook Wanniski, Number 10
06-15-98 Tom Friedman's Scary Scenario
06-16-98 Our Relations with China
06-17-98 Happy Birthday, Newt! (and me)
06-18-98 Environmental Racism?
06-22-98 Should Ken Starr Be Fired?
06-23-98 Raising High Real Interest Rates?
06-24-98 Thinking about Japan (1988)
06-25-98 VX Gas in Iraq
06-29-98 Sensational!
06-30-98 Three Cheers for Armstrong Williams
07-01-98 Repeat on Bill Gates
07-06-98 October Surprise? Iraq?
07-07-98 The Way We Were
07-08-98 Stop the Presses! There's a News Crisis!
07-09-98 China's Massive Military Buildup
07-10-98 Urgent Advice to Beijing
07-13-98 Larry Summers for Treasury Secretary!
07-14-98 Greenhouse Gore
07-15-98 Good Luck, David Remnick
07-16-98 Another View of Blacks and Jews
07-20-98 Secret Service Agents
07-21-98 Republicans Fight Homosexuality!
07-23-98 Religion and Reconciliation, Part I
07-24-98 Religion and Reconciliation, Part II
07-27-98 Memo to Alan Greenspan
07-28-98 Letter to a New Magazine
07-29-98 Reuven Brenner, Cover Boy
07-30-98 Bob Novak on The Way the World Works
08-03-98 Watergate Political Fallout
08-04-98 Clarence Thomas and Affirmative Action
08-05-98 Asian Dominoes
08-06-98 Full Disclosure and Campaign Finance
08-07-98 Alexander Hamilton Had It Right
08-10-98 Hey! Let's Bomb Baghdad!
08-11-98 The Million Youth March
08-12-98 Raise the New Jersey Gas Tax!
08-13-98 Did You Hear the One about the Traveling Salesman?
08-17-98 Happy 20th Anniversary, Polyconomics!
08-18-98 Clinton and the Mandate of Heaven
08-19-98 Advice to Alan Greenspan
08-20-98 Where Did Saddam Come From, Part I
08-21-98 Where Did Saddam Come From, Part II
08-24-98 Political Terrorism
08-25-98 The Hottest July
08-26-98 A Two-Tier Economy
08-27-98 The Way the World Works, Simplified
08-31-98 The Ten Most Dangerous People on Earth
09-01-98 More IMF Poison for Russia
09-02-98 Our Republican Bombers!
09-03-98 October Surprise?
09-04-98 Open Letter to Northwest Airlines: Management and Labor
09-08-98 Senator Lieberman's Clinton Speech
09-09-98 Fixing Russia with Gold
09-10-98 Cross-Currents in Stocks and Bonds
09-14-98 Confession, Contrition and Penance
09-15-98 The Myth of Tiananmen
09-16-98 A Puzzled George Soros
09-17-98 Russian "Communists" Back in Power
09-21-98 Keeping Our Promise to North Korea
09-21-98 Clinton Scores Some Points
09-23-98 Why We Lost Vietnam
09-24-98 Russia Slides Backwards?
09-28-98 A World Central Bank?
09-29-98 Hey, Republicans! Let's Have a War!
09-30-98 Milton Friedman's Bubbles
10-01-98 Corporal Cueball
10-05-98 A Vote Against Impeachment
10-06-98 Pat Buchanan at His Best: On Kosovo
10-07-98 Hurray for Matt Drudge!!!
10-08-98 Memo To Alan Greenspan
10-12-98 The Lewinsky Government
10-13-98 Hurray for The New York Times
10-14-98 The GOP's Taliban Wing
10-15-98 Anniversary of a March
10-19-98 Monica the Zionist
10-20-98 Irrational Markets
10-21-98 Monica Wanniski
10-22-98 The Wrong Way to Tighten -- Or Ease
10-26-98 Pollard Si! CIA No!
10-27-98 Pinochet in the Dock
10-28-98 Fire Abe Foxman!
10-29-98 Republican Attack Ads
11-02-98 D'Amato vs. Schumer
11-03-98 The Wisconsin Senate Race
11-04-98 Memo to Saddam Hussein
11-09-98 Newt's First Mistake
11-10-98 Jack Kemp's Election Commentary
11-11-98 Propaganda, Full Circle
11-16-98 Proving a Negative in Iraq
11-17-98 The Four-Letter Word
11-18-98 Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People?
11-19-98 A Black Head at the Table
11-23-98 Gore in Malaysia
11-24-98 To the People of Mexico
11-25-98 Introducing My New Book
11-30-98 A Partisan Impeachment
12-01-98 It's a Big World
12-02-98 Greenspan? Man of the Year?
12-03-98 A Broadcast to Old Friends
12-07-98 Looks Like Impeachment
12-08-98 Saving Social Security
12-09-98 Comparing Watergate and Monica
12-10-98 Rep. Lindsay Graham's Bombshell
12-14-98 The Partisan Impeachment
12-15-98 The Mind of a Terrorist
12-16-98 Keep It Up, Kofi"
12-17-98 A Quick Review on Iraq Sanctions
12-21-98 Letter to the NY Times
12-22-98 Letter From Kemp to Lott
12-23-98 A CHRISTMAS GIFT: Discovering Classical Music
12-24-98 A Christmas Memory
12-28-98 Keep on Hammering Mr. DeLay
12-29-98 What? Forget About Sex?
12-30-98 What a Country!
12-31-98 Man of the Year: Matt Drudge
01-04-99     Does a Felony Rise to the Level of a Misdemeanor?
01-05-99 The Lame-Duck Argument
01-06-99 The Krugman Watch: No. 1
01-07-99 Impeachment: Key to Conviction
01-11-99 The Evil Christian Coalition
01-12-99 My New Book Is Trashed!
01-13-99 The Impeachment of Richard Nixon
01-14-99 Racism at the Council of Conservative Citizens
01-20-99 Thinking Back to Chile, 1973
01-21-99 The Senate Trial, All Over?
01-25-99 The Importance of Sidney Blumenthal
01-26-99 How to Boil a Frog (or Newspaper)
01-27-99 A Nation and a State
01-28-99 Wall Street and Impeachment
02-01-99 How About the Minimum Wage?
02-02-99 The Race Card
02-03-99 How I Changed from Conviction to Acquittal
02-04-99 Market Bubbles
02-08-99 A Defining Moment in Our Nation
02-09-99 Sid, Why Didn't You Quit?
02-25-99 Global Warming Cools
02-10-99 King Hussein, R.I.P.
02-11-99 How the Trial Looked a Month Ago
02-16-99 Using Phony Numbers to Oppose Tax Cuts
02-17-99 Post-Partnum Blues
02-18-99 George Washington's Slaves
02-22-99 Putting a Label on the WSJournal's Albert Hunt
02-23-99 Forecasting the Deflation
02-24-99 Understanding China
02-25-99 Global Warming Cools
03-01-99 The Central Importance of Wall Street
03-02-99 Amazon.you???
03-03-99 Pitchfork Pat
03-04-99 The Krugman Watch II
03-09-99 George W. Bush Is for Ethanol
03-10-99 1,098 Candy Kisses
03-11-99 Naughty China! Bad China!
03-15-99 Cookies for the Poor
03-16-99 Kemp as Treasury Secretary
03-17-99 What? What? C. Fred Bergsten? Again?
03-18-99 Bon Voyage, Steve Forbes!
03-22-99 Bully of the Free World
03-23-99 Golf, a Game of Knees
03-24-99 Giving Advice to Moscow
03-25-99 Abe Lincoln and Slobodan Milosevic
03-29-99 A Chat with Mu'ammar Quaddafi
03-30-99 Little Massacres, Big Massacres
03-31-99 The Ignored Dimensions of Balkan Disintegration
04-01-99 When Christianity Began
04-05-99 A "Uni-Multipolar World?"
04-06-99 Kemp on Kosovo
04-07-99 A Close Shave With Gillette
04-08-99 The IMF and the Balkan Crisis
04-12-99 Propaganda Wars, #1
04-13-99 Propaganda Wars, #2
04-14-99 The Ten Most Dangerous Men (and Women) as of July 14, 1997
04-15-99 Propaganda Wars, #3
04-19-99 Quayle on Kosovo
04-20-99 Best Non-Fiction of the Century
04-21-99 Kemp to Quayle on Kosovo (April 6)
04-22-99 Little Boys Playing With Guns
04-26-99 Economics and War: A Pyramid Club
04-27-99 Colorado, Camels and Straws
04-28-99 New Car! No. 24, at Least!
04-29-99 Brother, Can You Paradigm?
05-03-99 Paradigms and Sunflower Conspiracies
05-04-99 OKLAHOMA!
05-05-99 Beltway: Worse Than Ever
05-06-99 A Tiny Island of Bipartisanship
05-11-99 The NYTimes, Suckered Again
05-12-99 Connecting What China Dots?
05-13-99 Kosovo "Freedom Fighters" Financed By Organized Crime
05-17-99 Everybody Knows About the China Spies?
05-18-99 The Torch Lights a Bipartisan Path
05-20-99  Great Speech from Dan Quayle! Applause!! Applause!!
05-25-99 Kissinger and the Neo-Conservatives
05-26-99 Three Cheers for Janet Reno
05-27-99 Clinton's "Just" War
06-01-99 Good Work, NYTIMES!
06-02-99 Enter George Dubya Shrub
06-07-99 Kosovo: Blue Hats or Black?
06-08-99 Nato's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia
06-10-99 A Third Way, to Palookaville
06-14-99 Good and Evil and the Rule of Law
06-15-99 Kemp Advises Clinton on Y2K
06-16-99 Anti-Ballistic Missile System
06-17-99 Happy Birthday to Me
06-18-99 Compassionate Conservatives
06-21-99 Bad Advice from CATO
06-22-99 Mild Deflation?
06-23-99 Way to Go, Alberto
06-24-99 Five-to-Four for Federalism
06-28-99 Right You Are, Pat Buchanan
06-29-99 It Was Madeleine's Fault
06-30-99 Dinner for Ten
07-01-99 Countdown to Y2K
07-02-99 Happy Birthday Michael Milken!
07-06-99 Milosevic's Land Grab?
07-07-99 The American Entrepreneur
07-08-99 Fizzling Chinese Firecrackers
07-12-99 Prather Report Has No Friends
07-13-99 Trapped in a Liquidity Trap
07-14-99 Reappointing Greenspan?
07-15-99 Kemp, the Truthteller
07-20-99 Western Bias
07-21-99 First Raines, Then Kellar
07-22-99 Silence at the Times
07-26-99 Lester Thurow, Down the Drain
07-27-99 Clinton Ignores Kemp on Y2K
07-28-99 Hey, Greenspan! The Farmers are Hurtin'
07-29-99 Jesse Ventura's Reform Party
08-02-99 Kucenich on Kosovo
08-03-99 Two Letters to Greenspan
08-04-99 The Death Tax That Won't Die
08-05-99 From Last Month's American Spectator
08-09-99 Wen Ho Lee, Designated Scapegoat
08-10-99 Thank You, Farm Journal!!
08-11-99 Global Warming? Impossible!
08-12-99 Who is Vince Foster?
08-16-99 8/16: Pee Wee, R.I.P.
08-17-99 Kemp and Wanniski, Fellow Travelers
08-18-99 Kissinger and NATO
08-19-99 Dan Quayle, Still in It
08-23-99 Sally Brown: All I Want is My Fair Share
08-24-99 Kemp to Clinton: Veto the Tax Bill
08-25-99 The Y2K Letters
08-26-99 Junk Science at The Washington Post
08-30-99 Accountability at Waco
08-31-99 Alan Greenspan, Master of the Universe
09-01-99 China and Religion
09-02-99 The Fed Is Deflationary
09-07-99 Free the F.A.L.N. 16!!
09-08-99 The Income Gap
09-09-99 An Alternative to Immigration
09-13-99 Boy Bush, Boy Buchanan
09-14-99 Addicted to Violence
09-15-99 Easterbrook on Waco
09-16-99 Remembering Ruby Ridge
09-20-99 Social Security: How Time Flies
09-21-99 Manic Malthusians in 1976
09-22-99 Taxing a Heavyweight in 1976
09-23-99 Biting the Dead Rich
09-28-99 A Golden, Golden Oldie
09-29-99 Happy Anniversary, Ludwig
09-30-99 The Essence of America
10-04-99 The Bradley-Gore Debates
10-05-99 Reagan, FDR and Mussolini
10-06-99 With Reagan in January 1980
10-07-99 Y2k and the Stock Market
10-11-99 Buchanan's Book (***1/2)
10-13-99 Bob Mundell, Nobel Laureate!
10-14-99 More on Mundell's Nobel Prize
10-18-99 Anniversary of a March
10-19-99 For Goodness sake, Read the Book!
10-20-99 The Test Ban Treaty
10-21-99 Hurricane Y2K
10-25-99 A Vote for Carol Mosely-Braun
10-26-99 Springtime for Hitler
10-27-99 Mundell on Y2K and the Euro
10-28-99 Black Friday, 1929
11-01-99 Plethora of Policy Papers
11-02-99 Origins of Anti-Semitism, Part I
11-03-99 Ross Perot and the Trade Deficit
11-04-99 The Defamation League
11-08-99 Open Immigration?
11-09-99 L.A. Warming
11-10-99 Lew Rockwell's New Website
11-11-99 Buchanan and the Fascists
11-15-99 Good Show, Tony Snow
11-16-99 Origins of Anti-Semitism II
11-17-99 Doomsday, Right Around the Corner
11-18-99 Applause for Kay Bailey Hutchinson
11-22-99 W's Foreign Policy Speech
11-23-99 Pitchfork Pat's Foreign Policy
11-24-99 Origins of Anti-Semitism III
11-29-99 McCarthy and McCarthyism
11-30-99 Karl Marx Was a Populist
12-01-99 Pres. Frankenstein
12-02-99 Introducing Cedric Muhammad
12-06-99 Ronald Reagan: What a Guy!!
12-07-99 It's a Small, Small World
12-08-99 "On the Political Stupidity of Jews"
12-09-99 The Seattle Tea Party
12-13-99 Y2K Currency Strategy...Just in Case
12-14-99 Wen Ho Lee, a Chinese Milkin
12-15-99 'A Supply-Sider With a Heart'
12-16-99 Pat Buchanan's Clean Slate
12-20-99 Oh No! Not Another Kemp Speech!
12-21-99 Optimist Bradley vs Pessimist Gore
12-22-99 Steve Forbes, China Basher
12-23-99 A CHRISTMAS GIFT: Discovering Classical Music
12-27-99 Jesus Christ, Reference Point
12-28-99 Chinese Century?
12-30-99 Men and Woman of the Century
01-03-00 Amerindo, No. 1
01-04-00 Smoke and Mirrors at The New York Times
01-05-00 Imagine, No Nativity
01-10-00 Wen Ho Lee in Solitary
01-11-00 The "Bubble" in the Stock Market
01-12-00 What a Nice Party!
01-13-00 A Look Back at Y2K
01-18-00 Capital Gains in Wisconsin
01-19-00 The Cuban Kid
01-20-00 A Visit to Castro's Cuba II
01-24-00 Dr. Paul Krugman, PH.D., G.L.T.
01-25-00 A Small Opening for Steve Forbes
01-26-00 WQXR's Classical Countdown
01-27-00 Christopher Columbus & the Internet
01-31-00 Deep in the Heart of Taxes
02-01-00 Milton Friedman's Lonely Voice??
02-02-00 Please Read This, Pat Buchanan
02-03-00 John McCain, Bomber
02-07-00 Advice for George W
02-08-00 Remember the Führermeter?
02-09-00 Where Nazis Come From
02-10-00 Forbes for U.S. Senate!!!
02-14-00 George Bush at Bob Jones University
02-15-00 Where Nazis Come From (cont.)
02-16-00 Big Earth, Little Us
02-17-00 Taxes & Presidential Debates
02-22-00 What About Greenspan, Dr. Krugman?
02-23-00 Saving (Ha Ha) Social Security
02-24-00 $2 Gasoline
02-28-00 Chinese Checkers
02-29-00 Thinking About Pat -- in 1996
03-01-00 Friendly Fire in the Bronx
03-02-00 Racial and Ethnic Profiling
03-06-00 Why Did Bill Bradley Lose?
03-07-00 Economics in the Rear-View Mirror
03-08-00 "Judaism is a Gutter Religion"
03-09-00 What the IMF IS All About
03-13-00 McCain as Teddy R.
03-14-00 Remember President Frankenstein?
03-15-00 An Internet Ponzi Scheme?
03-16-00 The Pope's Apology
03-20-00 Evans&Novak in the April Playboy
03-21-00 I Love Bob Novak!!!
03-22-00 Those Buchanan Thunderbolts
03-23-00 The Pope's Apology II
03-28-00 Paul Krugman Is Almost Right
03-29-00 Get those ratings up, Russert!
04-03-00 A Role for Little Elian
04-04-00 The Importance of Tiger Woods, Part I
04-05-00 Correcting The New York Times
04-06-00 Predicting a President's Success
04-10-00 The Importance of Tiger Woods, Part II
04-11-00 Helping Poor Countries
04-12-00 The Irrational Economist
04-17-00 Taxes & the Market Crash
04-18-00 Clinton: Right on Whitewater
04-19-00 My Call on NASDAQ
04-20-00 Kemp's Advice to Vladimir Putin
04-24-00 Elian and Family Values
04-25-00 The Wealth Effect
04-26-00 In Defense of Fidel Castro
05-01-00 Anniversary of an Interview: Part One
05-02-00 Anniversary of an Interview: Part Two
05-04-00 Aristotle!!  What a Guy!!!
05-08-00 Jack Kemp, Columnist
05-09-00 The Bush-McCain Summit!!!!
05-10-00 Jim Treffinger: The Next Jack Kemp?
05-11-00 Treffinger: The Next Jack Kemp, Part II
05-15-00 Skip It, Rudy
05-16-00 George W. Bush's 'Risky Scheme'
05-17-00 Senator Hillary? President Hillary?
05-18-00 The AIDS Plague in Africa
05-22-00 A Vote for Rep. Marge Roukema [R-NJ]
05-23-00 In Defense of Karl Marx
05-24-00 General Barry McCaffrey, War Criminal?
05-25-00 A Fifty-Cent Canadian Loonie?
05-31-00 'Star Wars' - The Bush Boondoggle
06-05-00 William Simon, R.I.P.
06-07-00 Krugman Watch: Green Cheese
06-08-00 Cedric Muhammad Bops Bork
06-12-00 Don't Worry About the Trade deficit
06-14-00 In Defense of Hafez Assad
06-19-00 Jesse Helms and Tom Ridge
06-20-00 Introducing a Wizard, Dr. Gordon Prather
06-21-00 Ending the Death Tax
06-26-00 In Praise of Richard L. Berke, NYT
06-27-00 Obituary of the Death Tax?
06-28-00 A Vote for Ralph Nader?
07-05-00 Death-Tax Showdown
07-10-00 The $60 Billion Boondoggle
07-11-00 Farrakhan and Murdoch's NYPost
07-17-00 George Soros Wants to Pay the Etsate Tax!
07-18-00 Ed Yardini and Chinese "Takeout"
07-19-00 Black Republican vs. Black Democrat
07-20-00 A Revenue River?
07-24-00 Senator Bill Roth of Delaware, My Hero!
07-25-00 Being in Love with Jimmy Durante
07-26-00 Cheney, a good choice. No Kidding.
07-27-00 The Worm in the Education Apple
07-31-00 Make a Bookmark: www.OpinionJournal.com
08-01-00 Worried About Dick Cheney?
08-02-00 Dick Cheney, Peace Dividend
08-03-00 Dick Cheney, Socialist?
08-07-00 Going After the Black Vote
08-08-00 Psst! Joe Lieberman is Jewish
08-09-00 Read My Lips: Steve Forbes!
08-14-00 'Farrakhan Rips Lieberman'
08-15-00 Ayittey's Africa Report
08-16-00 A Troubled Joe Lieberman
08-17-00 Mommy Party, Daddy Party
08-21-00 Is Texas a Mess?
08-22-00 Remembering Clarence and Anita
08-23-00 Pentagon Pinheads
08-28-00 Confusion on the Bush Tax Plan
08-29-00 Don't Forget -- Clinton is a 'Monster'
08-30-00 Writing Editorials
09-05-00 The UN's 'Mommy Earth' Charter
09-06-00 I Was Wrong, Novak
09-07-00 The Tooth Fairy
09-11-00 Wen Ho Lee, Free at Last!
09-12-00 Be Careful on the Minimum Wage
09-13-00 How About a Legion of Decency?
09-18-00 Moynihan's Squandered Political Career
09-20-00 Thank God for the Federal Courts
09-21-00 Democracy in China
09-27-00 Supply-Side University
09-28-00 Paying Off The National Debt, A Bad Idea
10-02-00 Home Again
10-03-00 What's Going on in Yugoslavia?
10-04-00 Hurray for the Danes!
10-05-00 Joe Sobran and the Neo-Cons
10-09-00 Lieberman and Farrakhan
10-11-00 Interview with Louis Farrakhan
10-12-00 Interview with Louis Farrakhan PartII
10-17-00 Interview with Louis Farrakhan Part III
10-18-00 Nation-Building with Bombers
10-23-00 Al Gore, the Lawyer
10-24-00 A November Surprise!!
10-25-00 Read My Lips, Vicente Fox
10-26-00 Barbara Says Goodbye
10-30-00 Thank You, Gregory Muhammad
10-31-00 Don't Be Spooked Mr. Sulzberger
11-01-00 Al Gore's Lock Box
11-02-00 Scientific Polling? Scientific?
11-06-00 Steve Allen, R.I.P.
11-07-00 A Million Hits in October!!
11-08-00 In Defense of the Electoral College
11-09-00 Lazio's Crummy Campaign
11-13-00 Once Again, Novak Had it Right
11-14-00 The Source of Budget Surpluses
11-15-00 The Crash of 1987
11-16-00 Albright's Unnecessary War
11-20-00 Minorities and he Electoral College
11-21-00 How About a Pre-Emptive Strike Against the Arabs?
11-22-00 'Are Computers Really That Important'
11-23-00 A 1988 Interview With Jude Wanniski
11-27-00 Arrest the Florida Judges!!
11-28-00 Great News for Mexico!!!
11-29-00 Why Al Gore Won't Give Up
11-30-00 Kemp Blasts Greenspan!!
12-04-00 Horrors! Democratic Mendacity!!!
12-05-00 Royhatn for Treasury Secretary!
12-06-00 Bush Wins Popular Vote!!!
12-07-00 The Black Vote and the Electoral College
12-11-00 The Florida Supremes: Political Hacks?
12-13-00 Once Upon a Time in Florida
12-14-00 In Defense of Saddam Hussein
12-18-00 The Dark Side of the Rev. Jesse Jackson
12-19-00 A Scorecard: Bush's Hawks & Doves
12-21-00 Please Explain, Mr. Gore
12-26-00 The Clinton Economy
12-27-00 The Word is Out: "Get Ashcroft"
12-28-00 Catholics in China
12-29-00 Man of the Year: Ireland's Charlie McCreevy
01-02-01 Advice from Larry Summers?
01-03-01 Don Rumsfield, Pragmatist
01-04-01 'Cheney is Very Good News'
01-08-01 Larry Lindsey, Harvard Keynesian
01-09-01 Time Out for "Jazz"
01-10-01 The Tiananmen Papers
01-11-01 Is the WSJ "Weekend Journal" any Good?
01-16-01 Milton Friedman, Heavyweight
01-17-01 Clinton Should Pardon Mike Milken!!
01-18-01 With Bush at Camp David
01-22-01 Bush Cabinet
01-23-01 No Pardon for Mike Milken
01-24-01 Memo to Baghdad
01-29-01 The Best Column of January 2001
01-30-01 Reforming Campaign Finanzzzzz....
01-31-01 I am a Homophobic, Anti-Semetic Racist!!
02-01-01 China Needs Falun Gong
02-05-01 Nick Forstmann, Rest in Peace
02-06-01 Getting Energy from Mexico
02-07-01 The Drag of Monetary Deflation
02-08-01 Is the Nation of Islam "Faith-Based"
02-12-01 A Valentine Present: Jimmy Durante!
02-13-01 Ready for 'Mini-nukes'?
02-14-01 Tax Cuts in Israel! A Land of Milk and Honey!!
02-15-01 Moose Nose Stew and the Human Genome
02-20-01 In Defense of Bill Clinton
02-21-01 A Clever Strategy in Iraq
02-22-01 The Super Rich Love Estate Taxes?
02-26-01 Wall Street's Guardian Angel
02-27-01 The Yes/No President
02-28-01 Don't Execute Timothy McVeigh!!
03-01-01 The Reagan Deficits
03-05-01 Starving the Government
03-06-01 Please Amend the Bankruptcy Bill!!!
03-07-01 Deflation and Rising Prices?
03-08-01 Faith-Based Institutions
03-12-01 Herbert Hoover, Punching Bag
03-13-01 How to Freeze a Frog
03-14-01 "No Reason to Hold Equities"
03-15-01 We're Smarter than the Japanese!
03-19-01 Raped by the Sopranos
03-20-01 Farrakhan and Clarence Thomas
03-21-01 Raped by the Sopranos
03-22-01 Alexander Hamilton & Gold
03-26-01 Rowlie Evans, Happy in Heaven
03-27-01 A Silent Majority
03-28-01 Reforming Campaign Finanzzzzz....
03-29-01 Rowly Evans (Quite a Man!!) 1920-2001
04-02-01 Why I Hated Jimmy Carter
04-03-01 Gold Is Innocent
04-04-01 In Defense of Slobodan Milosevic
04-05-01 Moral Equivalence or Golden Rule
04-09-01 The Importance of Tiger Woods
04-10-01 China an Adversary?
04-11-01 T.J. Rodgers, Man on the Margin
04-12-01 President Bush Can Stick Shift!!
04-13-01 The Beginning of Christianity
04-16-01 Let's Overthrow China's Government!!
04-17-01 "America Is Borrowing Trouble"
04-18-01 Welcome to the USA, Ambassador Yang
04-19-01 The Defamation League
04-23-01 There Is No Such Thing as Free Trade
04-24-01 Ralph Nader and His Greenies
04-25-01 Defending Supply Side Economics
04-26-01 Our Neighbors, the Chinese
04-30-01 Why Bob Kerry Fought in Vietnam
05-01-01 Advice to Japan
05-02-01 Who Killed Christ?
05-03-01 My Dog Has No Fleas!
05-07-01 Bipartisanship
05-08-01 Elie Wiesel and Collective Guilt
05-09-01 The UN Kicks Uncle Bully
05-10-01 Running Out of Resources?
05-14-01 The Good Old New Yorker
05-15-01 Understanding Timothy McVeigh
05-16-01 Remember Pearl Harbor?
05-21-01 Reprocessing Spent Nuclear Fuel
05-22-01 Bill Buckley & Perry Como
05-23-01 Farrakhan and the Middle East
05-24-01 A New Big Cheese at The New York Times
05-29-01 The GOP is Not the 'Mean Party'
05-30-01 There Ain't No Placebo Effect
05-31-01 About Switching Sides
06-04-01 A Golf Cart for Bush
06-05-01 Rumsfeld's Iron Curtain
06-06-01 Arafat's Successor
06-07-01 Comments on "Darth Rumsfeld"
06-11-01 Timothy McVeigh, Killed in Action
06-12-01 The Torricelli Leaks
06-13-01 "Still No Reason to Hold Equities"
06-14-01 Sunset the Pentagon
06-18-01 Turning 65
06-19-01 Carbon Dioxide, the Staff of Life
06-20-01 The Press Corps Covers Global Warning
06-21-01 Greenspan Undermines the AFL-CIO
06-25-01 Seagrave and Stardust
06-26-01 Letter to Californians
06-27-01 Only Supply-Side Republicans Win!!
06-28-01 A Golden Anchor
07-02-01 Lose, Lose for Clarence Thomas
07-03-01 A Fair Trial for Milosevic?
07-04-01 The Evil Empire
07-05-01 Our Orwellian Press Corps
07-09-01 George W. Bush as Mincemeat
07-10-01 Adolph Ochs, Good as Gold
07-11-01 A Biological Foreign Policy
07-12-01 Our Advice to the Argentines
07-16-01 Wall-to-Wall Gary Condit
07-17-01 The Economy Has to Get Worse
07-18-01 Bullet Hits Bullet
07-19-01 Helping Poor Nations
07-23-01 Those Unhappy Mexican Farmers
07-24-01 Mommy Issue, Daddy Issue
07-25-01 The Globalization Process
07-26-01 20th Anniversary of an Op-Ed
07-30-01 Throw Away the Key?
07-31-01 Soft on Wolfowitz
08-01-01 A Lesson in Deflation
08-06-01 Laury Minard, 51
08-07-01 George Gilder and the "Telechasm"
08-09-01 Golf Tips for Hackers
08-13-01 China's "Capitalist Communists"
08-14-01 Going Off Gold, 30 Years Ago
08-15-01 Saving Professor Saving
08-20-01 The Strong Dollar
08-21-01 China and The New York TImes
08-22-01 Bye, Bye Beethoven, Bach & Brahms
08-27-01 Defending Gary Condit
08-28-01 Taxes and Deflation
08-29-01 A Plea for Mumia Abu-Jamal
09-04-01 Daddy's Little Girl Gets Married
09-05-01 What Greenspan Has to Do
09-10-01 Brit Hume's Economics
09-11-01 NATO Invades Macedonia!
09-12-01 The Mind of a Terrorist
09-17-01 We Need More Partisanship, Not Less
09-18-01 The Prince of Darkness
09-19-01 What Does Farrakhan Think?
09-24-01 Advice to the Taliban and Saddam
09-25-01 The Terrorist Tax
09-26-01 America at the Crossroads
10-01-01 Let's Talk to Saddam Hussein!!
10-02-01 The "No-Fly Zones"
10-03-01 Being a Visionary
10-04-01 United Nations Also Failed
10-06-01 Odds and Ends
10-08-01 Support Your Local Bombers
10-09-01 Fire Paul Wolfowitz
10-10-01 Israel and the Terrorist Attack
10-15-01 Relying on Middle East Oil
10-16-01 Welcome Home, Pat Buchanan
10-17-01 Did Saddam Gas His Own People?
10-22-01 'Two Cheers for Nation Building'
10-23-01 Winter in Afghanistan
10-24-01 Fire Paul O'Neill? Not Yet
10-29-01 Be Careful, Washington Times
10-30-01 Sleeping on the Krugman Watch
10-31-01 Alert!! Scary Deflation Monster!!!
11-01-01 'Cut Out Their Tounges!!'
11-05-01 Why Argentina Is a Mess (and How to Fix It)
11-07-01 Israel's Bombing of Osiraq
11-12-01 Does Bin Laden Have a Suitcase Nuke?
11-13-01 Nation-States, Terrorists and an Islamic Nuke
11-14-01 A Kind Word for Keynesian Spending
11-15-01 Khatami's Sensational Interview!!
11-19-01 Israel Needs a Push
11-20-01 Pushing Israel
11-22-01 Thanksgiving Photo, 1953
11-26-01 Colin Powell & The Bombers
11-27-01 Repeat: Open Up Washington, D.C.
11-28-01 Let's Be Nice to Saddam Hussein!
12-03-01 Six Questions for Colin Powell
12-05-01 A Strategy for Middle East Peace
12-10-01 Evidence of Bin Laden's Guilt!
12-11-01 John Walker of the Taliban
12-12-01 Ramsey Clark, Peacenik
12-17-01 Thank You, Tony Blankley
12-18-01 A Fond Farewell to Anthony Lewis
12-19-01 Extra! Extra! Pat Buchanan in Pravda!
12-24-01 Last Minute Christmas Gift... to Last a Lifetime
12-26-01 Secretary Scrooge?
12-27-01 Aristotle and the Euro
12-28-01 Polyconomics' Man of the Year: Vladimir Putin
01-02-02 "The Effective Executive"
01-03-02 Hang 'em High
01-07-02 Try Again, Senator Daschle
01-08-02 Trying Diplomacy in Iraq
01-09-02 Excellence at Harvard
01-14-02 'Death of the West'
01-15-02 Enron Bet on Global Warming!!
01-16-02 "Striking It Rich"
01-22-02 A Kind Word for Arthur Andersen
01-23-02 Who Built the Capital?
01-28-02 Buying Political Access
01-29-02 The Geneva Convention
01-30-02 The Austrian School and the "Austrian" School
02-04-02 An Appeal for Daniel Pearl
02-05-02 Richard Grenier Has Left Us. Yes, He Has.
02-06-02 Louis Farrakhan Writes to President Bush
02-11-02 A Middle East Scenario
02-12-02 Covering the Milosevic Trial
02-13-02 "The Politics of Dead Children"
02-20-02 Wolfowitz and the Axis of Evil
02-21-02 A Dr. Goebbels in Red, White and Blue
02-25-02 Please Kill the OSI, asap
02-26-02 Pin the Enron Tail on Clinton's Donkey
02-27-02 Ding Dong, Frank Rich
03-04-02 A Poll of the Muslim World
03-05-02 Why Jews Are Politically Inept
03-06-02 Do Jews Control the Media
03-11-02 Why Did They Do It?
03-12-02 President Bush Does Not Tell Lies!!
03-13-02 Sarah Baxter Interviews Louis Farrakhan
03-15-02 Questions on the Laffer Curve
03-18-02 The Pickering Nomination
03-19-02 Always Darkest Before the Dawn
03-20-02 A String of Perles
03-25-02 Bush & Cheney Are Misinformed
03-26-02 Letters From an Iraqi Expatriate
03-27-02 Letters to a Jewish Newspaper
03-29-02 Beginnings of Christianity
04-01-02 Stopping the Suicide Bombings
04-02-02 An Israeil Pundit Scorecard
04-03-02 Have I Got a Deal For You!!
04-08-02 Farrakhan + Arafat + Sharon = Peace
04-09-02 Saddam Hussein: From Ally to Enemy
04-10-02 Taki Writes About Anti-Semitism
04-15-02 Biden for President?
04-16-02 Wanniski is Famous in London!!!
04-22-02 Check Out Adel al-Jubeir
04-23-02 What Happened at Halabja?
04-24-02 The Cons and the Neo-Cons
04-29-02 Please Don't Inspect Iraq!!
04-30-02 Reporters Are The Last to Know
05-01-02 Playing the Devil's Advocate
05-02-02 Centennial of My Father's Birth - May 2, 1902
05-06-02 Yasir Arafat is a Good Guy
05-07-02 Catching Babies on Bayonets
05-08-02 Support Your Local Farmer!
05-13-02 Jimmy Carter in Cuba
05-14-02 Pure Propaganda on '60 Minutes'
05-15-02 Dr. Gordon Prather, a National Asset
05-20-02 The Political Establishment in Denial
05-21-02 An Appeal to Shimon Peres
05-22-02 Iraq & The Christian Science Monitor
05-23-02 The Kindness of Minister Farrakhan
05-28-02 India and Pakistan at the Brink of Nuclear War
05-29-02 How About a Gold Standard, Bono?
06-03-02 The Sneaky Greenies at it Again
06-04-02 The Palestinian 'Right of Return'
06-05-02 Propaganda and disinformation
06-10-02 How to Combat Propaganda!!
06-11-02 Ehud Barak, What a Jerk
06-17-02 Reagan's 'Pre-emptive Strike' Wasn't
06-18-02 Nixon Was Not Guilty!
06-19-02 Needed: A Democratic Tax Cutter
06-24-02 'Rewarding Terrorism'
06-25-02 Defending Abraham Lincoln
06-26-02 Bush Needs a Push
07-01-02 Another 6 Months With Arafat
07-02-02 Uncle Sam and His Moral Inferiors
07-03-02 Lincoln on the Fourth of July, 1861
07-08-02 Capitalist Crooks
07-09-02 A Golden Era for Iraqi Kurds
07-10-02 A Dead Cat Bounce
07-15-02 A Runaway Train on Wall Street
07-16-02 Mangling Minister Farrakhan
07-17-02 Greenspan the Great!!
07-22-02 Wall Street Problem: Warren Buffett
07-23-02 Claiming the $1000 Reward
07-24-02 President Bush's Holy War
07-29-02 Paul O'Neill's "Fundamentals"
07-30-02 A Cooler Al Gore
07-31-02 Richard Perle's Puppet Show
08-05-02 Iraq's Letter to Kofi Annan
08-06-02 A Can of Anti-Semitic Worms
08-07-02 Letter From Louis Farrakhan
08-12-02 House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Man on the Margin
08-13-02 Rumsfeld Misinformed on the June '67 War
08-14-02 100.000 Man and Boys, Machine-Gunned to Death!!
08-19-02 How to Save the Airline Industry
08-20-02 On the Margin: Two Black Ladies
08-21-02 Wanniski & Bush at Camp David!
08-26-02 Foxnews, the War Network
08-27-02 Vice President Cheney is Misinformed
08-28-02 A Commentary Exchange on Islam
09-03-02 Jude the Obscurer? Or Megalomaniac?
09-04-02 Greenspan Blows Bubbles
09-09-02 A Reminder: How to Combat Propaganda!!
09-10-02 Letter from Turkey
09-11-02 Rebuild the Towers, But Only If...
09-16-02 Wanniski Addresses the United Nations
09-17-02 A Kind Word for Paul Krugman
09-18-02 Dr. Stephen Pelletiere, V.I.P.
09-23-02 A Breakdown in Foreign Intelligence
09-24-02 Bumping Off an Ex-President
09-25-02 Let's Get Iraq's Oil
09-30-02 Twenty Five Years Ago Today
10-01-02 'A Case Not Closed'
10-02-02 Saddam Hussein is an Ugly, Evil Monster!!!
10-07-02 How You and I Got Snookered, Jeanne Kirkpatrick
10-08-02 The CIA Reports on Saddam's Gassing
10-09-02 Don't Forget the Palestinians!
10-14-02 The Sniper
10-15-02 Peace is Bullish, War is Bearish
10-16-02 A Canadian Scientist Trashes Kyoto
10-21-02 'The Ten Most Dangerous People on Earth'
10-22-02 Krugman Up to His Old Tricks
10-23-02 A Jewish Lefty at 104 mph
10-28-02 Paul Wellstone and the Party Line
10-29-02 Two Columns on Iraq: Kinsley and Buckley
10-30-02 It's the Gold Standard, Stupid!
11-04-02 Tuesday's "Anti-War" Vote
11-05-02 Rooting for Fritz
11-06-02 Chickens, Ducks and Parrots
11-12-02 A Good Night's Sleep
11-13-02 A Seminal Editorial on Iraq
12-13-02 Martyred on a Fiery Cross
12-18-02 Treasury Matters
12-23-02 Trent Lott, Nice Guy
12-24-02 A Christmas Memory
01-07-03 The Nuke World Order
01-08-03 'You're Invited to the War Party'
01-09-03 Do Not Lock Your Luggage!!
01-13-03 Vote for Al Sharpton!!
01-15-03 Scott Ritter vs Richard Butler
01-21-03 The Best Show on Television
01-22-03 Driving Down the Stock Market
01-27-03 Quiz: Are You a Hawk or a Dove on Iraq?
01-28-03 Quiz: Answers to the Hawk/Dove Quiz
01-30-03 'Quibbles' on the Iraq Q&A
02-03-03 Saddam Did Not Commit Genocide!
02-05-03 When The War Balloon Goes Up
02-06-03 A Mixed-Up Colin Powell
02-10-03 George W. Bush's Vision of America
02-12-03 President Bush, Likudnik
02-13-03 The Bin Laden Tape
02-17-03 Finally, A Disarmed Iraq
02-19-03 Condaleeza Rice, A Nice Girl
02-20-03 Tom Friedman's Column on Iraq
02-24-03 It Gets Awfully Cold in North Korea
02-25-03 A Peace Scenario
02-27-03 A War Scenario
03-14-03 Saddam Hussein Did Not Commit Genocide
03-19-03 Ten Points by Iraq
03-20-03 A Letter Regarding War and Israel
03-24-03 Why Colin Powell Should Go
03-25-03 What Did the President Know? And When Did He Know It?
03-26-03 Two Forward Articles
03-27-03 The Passing of Daniel Patrick Moynihan
04-01-03 Report from the "Arab Street"
04-02-03 How Bush Decided on War
04-03-03 Bush Doctrine, R.I.P.?
04-04-03 A Scott Ritter War Interview
04-07-03 First Thoughts on March 18
04-08-03 Thinking About Mike Kelly
04-10-03 Finding Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
04-11-03 It Is About Oil, But Not All About Oil
04-14-03 What? Already? World War IV?
04-15-03 All About Tax Day
04-16-03 Campaigning for Tax Cuts
04-17-03 War With Syria and the "Road Map"
04-18-03 A Catholic Assesses the 'Split on the Right'
04-21-03 Some Tax Cuts are Better Than Others
04-22-03 Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction
04-24-03 Impeach President Bush?
04-28-03 Inscrutable Koreans?
04-30-03 What Was Newt Thinking
05-01-03 Another Lebanon?
05-05-03 'Rule by Force Alone'
05-06-03 Zogby in the Middle East
05-07-03 Deceiving President Bush and the American People
05-12-03 Selling the Latest Bush Tax Cuts
05-13-03 JFK's Strategy of Peace
05-15-03 Where Is Al Gore When We Need Him?
05-16-03 A 1998 Deflation Analysis
05-19-03 'Mutating Virus: Hatred of Jews'
05-20-03 Gephardt's Health Care Plan
05-21-03 Roger Ailes, Chairman of the War Network
05-22-03 College Kids Boo Antiwar Speech!
05-23-03 The Crash of 1929
05-27-03 Senator Byrd's Speech on Iraq
05-29-03 An Iraqi Report from Iraq
05-30-03 Discounting a Tax Cut
06-02-03 The Truth From Wolfowitz
06-05-03 The Mass Graves in Iraq
06-06-03 When the Reagan Revolution Really Began
06-09-03 A Superb History Lesson
06-10-03 Hillary's Book: A "Review"
06-11-03 The Passing of Donald Regan
06-12-03 The CIA's "Intelligence Without Brains"
06-13-03 Milton Friedman Changes His Mind
06-16-03 The Tattered Road Map
06-18-03 The CIA and That "Yellowcake"
06-21-03 The Responsibilities of Empire
06-23-03 Howard Dean, A Serious Candidate
06-25-03 WMD or WMD Programs? A Huge Difference
06-27-03 The Rich, the Poor and Tax Policy
06-30-03 Hans Blix and David Kay
07-01-03 A Global Currency Without Gold?
07-02-03 Affirmative Action May Emasculate
07-04-03 Wealth and Income II
07-07-03 Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait
07-09-03 Liberia's Top Secret Tax Rates
07-11-03 Getting the Dow to 10,000 -- In 1999
07-14-03 Fire Paul Wolfowitz!
07-15-03 A New Editor at The New York Times
07-16-03 Kissininger vs Brzezinski on Intelligence Failures
07-17-03 A Deficiency in British Intelligence
07-18-03 Polyconomics' Crystal Ball
07-20-03 Iraq Was No Picnic For Brits After WWI
07-21-03 A Puppet Government in Baghad?
07-22-03 The Drug Importation Bill
07-23-03 Judith Miller, warhawk reporter
07-24-03 Declassified Ignorance
07-25-03 The Enemy is Still Within
07-27-03 Impeach George W?
07-29-03 A Postwar Inquiry on the Iraq Sanctions
07-31-03 The President is Still Misinformed
08-01-03 A Brief Supply-Side History
08-03-03 'The Fence is Not a Political Border'
08-04-03 Iran an Imminent Nuclear Threat?
08-05-03 Report from a Soldier in Iraq
08-06-03 There Were Ten Little Peaceniks
08-07-03 The Free-for-all in California
08-08-03 A Brief Supply-Side History Part II
08-09-03 An Advertisement for Myself
08-11-03 All the President's Men
08-13-03 The Clash of Civilizations
08-14-03 Advising Governor Schwarzenegger
08-15-03 Manufacturing Not in Trouble
08-18-03 The Laugher Curve on the Coast
08-19-03 A Special Relationship, in Fudge?
08-21-03 Civilian War Deaths in Iraq
08-23-03 Another Round of Suicide Bombings?
08-25-03 In Defense of 'Chemical Ali'
08-27-03 Where is Tariq Aziz?
08-29-03 North Korea Testing What Nukes?
08-31-03 Remembering My Father
09-02-03 Those Weak Asian Currencies
09-03-03 Fox News, the War Network
09-04-03 Follow-up on North Korea's Nukes
09-06-03 Should Don Rumsfield Hang Up His Sword?
09-08-03 In Defense of Yasir Arafat
09-09-03 The Fourth World War
09-10-03 Neocons versus Supply Siders
09-13-03 How About a Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran?
09-14-03 Let's Kill Yasir Arafat
09-16-03 The Vice President is Misinformed
09-17-03 Goodbye Grasso!!
09-19-03 A Supply-side View of the World Exchange Economy
09-20-03 Advice to Wesley Clark
09-22-03 An Early Warning on the Prince of Darkness
09-23-03 President Bush and the UN
09-24-03 Paul Krugman, Foaming at the Mouth
09-25-03 A CIA Vet Spills the Iraqi Beans
09-29-03 Time for Colin Powell to Retire
10-01-03 Bob Novak, the Gold Standard
10-02-03 'Israel is an Anachronism'
10-03-03 Polyconomics Beats the CIA!
10-06-03 A Most Impressive Vladimir Putin
10-07-03 The IMF Enslavement of Black Africa
10-08-03 'The California Factor'
10-10-03 There are Flaws in Your Soup, Dr. Rice
10-11-03 The Peace Prize and the Pope
10-13-03 A Cumulative Imminently Imminent Threat?
10-15-03 Neo-Cons, Syria & Greater Israel
10-18-03 Supply Side Bears
10-20-03 The Intelligence Stovepipe to the Oval Office
10-22-03 'Listening to Mahathir'
10-23-03 Stop the Presses! China Heating Up!
10-24-03 The Impoverishment of Black Africa
10-27-03 Poly's Predictions on Employment
10-28-03 Rockefeller's Intelligence on Iraq
10-29-03 Doubting Rockefeller's Intelligence, and Mine!
10-31-03 Why Ethiopians Starve
11-02-03 What Iraq is Really All About
11-04-03 Hiss & Wind & McLieberman
11-06-03 A Little Joke We Played on Pyongyang
11-07-03 Little by Little, the Truth Comes Out
11-09-03 Iraq, In a Way Worse Than Vietnam
11-11-03 Fresh Insights on Iraq
11-12-03 Those Bad, Bad Iranians (and North Koreans)
11-13-03 A Dispatch From Baghdad Betty
11-14-03 Howard Dean, On the Way to the White House
11-17-03 Guerrilla is Spanish for "Little War"
11-18-03 A Supply-Side Schwarzenegger
11-20-03 One Step Too Far in Massachusetts
11-22-03 Should Israel Do the World Another Favor?
11-23-03 The Democrats' Secret Weapon
11-24-03 Sally Quinn Does Chalabi
11-26-03 A Classic: 'Let's Invade the World'
11-30-03 Forget the "Three State Solution"
12-02-03 Appointment in Samarra
12-04-03 Gay Marriage (continued)
12-06-03 The Snows of Kilimanjaro
12-08-03 US Operation Assassinate
12-10-03 US Politics Today: Check it Out!!
12-11-03 The Most Important Journalist of Our Time
12-13-03 What? Africa Isn't Dying of AIDs?
12-14-03 The Trial of Saddam Hussein
12-16-03 Michael Crichton on 'The Disinformation Age'
12-19-03 Looking Back: Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait
12-21-03 Bill Roth, a Natural Supply-Sider
12-22-03 What? It Was Pakistan, not Iraq
12-24-03 A Christmas-Eve Memory
12-26-03 Class Warfare & The NY Times
12-29-03 Playing Devil's Advocate
12-31-03 Michael Jackson and Louis Farrakhan
01-03-04 Could 9-11 Have Been Prevented?
01-05-04 Could 9-11 Have Been Prevented? Part II
01-07-04 Wesley Clark's Tax Plan
01-09-04 Money That Floats is Hard to Figure
01-12-04 Turning Back the Kerry Clock
01-13-04 Paul O'Neill's Revelations on Iraq
01-14-04 The Mexico Summit
01-17-04 Is Bush Doomed?
01-19-04 How Reagan Lost in Iowa, Then Won it All
01-21-04 Why the Pentagon Needs Villains
01-24-04 What's Wrong With the Democrats
01-27-04 The "Wingers" are Mad, at President Bush
01-28-04 Snakes Alive! It's David Kay
01-30-04 The JFK Tax Cuts
02-01-04 Trent Lott Promised a Smoking Gun
02-03-04 A Trillion Here, A Trillion There
02-06-04 Was Tenet Asleep or is his IQ Subpar?
02-08-04 Gays in the Animal Kingdom
02-09-04 President Bush Remains Misinformed
02-11-04 Haiti Erupts!!!
02-13-04 The Third Japanese Campaign
02-15-04 Flight Lt. George W. Bush
02-18-04 Defending Saddam, Not President Bush
02-20-04 In Defense of the President
02-22-04 Shooting Neo-Cons in a Barrel
02-24-04 The Crazy Income Taxation in Black Africa
02-27-04 How to Save Medicare
02-29-04 What Now in Haiti?
03-02-04 Gay Marriage: A Civil Right?
03-05-04 Mark My Words, Michael Eisner
03-07-04 Aristide in the CFA? Under Lock and Key??
03-09-04 Free Advice to Senator Kerry
03-12-04 A 9-11 Conspiracy Hypothesis
03-14-04 Anniversary of an Unnecessary War
03-16-04 Terrorism Reigns in Spain?
03-19-04 Memo to Mel Gibson and Frank Rich
03-22-04 Baghdad Betty One Year Later
03-23-04 Bush's True Motive for the Iraq War
03-27-04 A Job Only Gold Can Do
03-28-04 Sharon Does Not Want Peace?
03-30-04 A Kerry-McCain Ticket?
04-02-04 Propaganda and PR
04-04-04 Holy Week and the Passion
04-06-04 Celebrating Our Forecast
04-07-04 Questions for Condi Rice
04-09-04 The Quagmire Deepens
04-12-04 Stay the Course? Or Cut and Run?
04-14-04 The Origins of 9-11
04-16-04 The Book We've Been Waiting For
04-18-04 Bob Woodward's New Book
04-20-04 Prince Bandar, Propagandist
04-21-04 The Passion and Its Enemies
04-23-04 Keep Your Eye on Ahmed Chalabi
04-25-04 Who is Ahmet Chalabi?
04-26-04 A Vote for Pat Toomey
04-27-04 Just Who is John Negroponte?
04-28-04 Farrakhan's 2001 "Lost Letter" to Bush
04-30-04 The Neo-cons are the Neo-Crazies
05-01-04 Spotlight on the Likudniks
05-02-04 Two Kerrys Struggling to Find a Theme
05-03-04 How Come George Tenet Isn't in the Clink?
05-04-04 A New Inquisition?
05-07-04 Should Rumsfeld Resign?
05-08-04 Baghdad Betty Says "Just Go"
05-09-04 The Prisoner Abuse Was Systemic
05-11-04 Where is Tariq Azaz? What is He Charged With?
05-12-04 Global Warming an Election Issue?
05-15-04 Kerry-McCain Back Again?
05-17-04 Tom Delay & the Christian Zionists
05-18-04 An Asian Common Currency
05-22-04 Ahmad Chalabi's Game Plan
05-24-04 The Chalabi Follies
05-26-04 Zbig's Analysis of Bush's Speech
05-30-04 An Apology by the New York Times
06-01-04 Israel's 1981 Bombing of Osiraq
06-04-04 Remembering Tiananmen Square
06-06-04 The Basis of Reagan's Greatness
06-08-04 How About a Reagan Gold Coin?
06-11-04 The Reagan Presidency
06-13-04 In Defense of President Warren Harding
06-15-04 Is Iran Building a Nuke?
06-16-04 Rating the Presidents
06-18-04 The Reagan Presidency II
06-20-04 Colin Powell's Vanishing Credibility
06-22-04 The Reagan Presidency III
06-23-04 Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent
06-26-04 Still Kidding Around With North Korea
06-27-04 We Knew Iraq Was Disarmed
06-29-04 Message to Feds: Don't Raise Rates!
07-03-04 An Advocate for Saddam Hussein
07-05-04 Kerry's Running Mate?
07-07-04 The Crisis in the Sudan
07-09-04 The Burden of Monetarism
07-11-04 Ridge Should Replace Cheney
07-13-04 The Iraqi Body Counts
07-17-04 Tenet's Dereliction of Duty?
07-19-04 More From Winniski & Galbraith
07-21-04 Let's Bomb Iran's Nuclear Power Plants
07-23-04 Polyconomics is Terrific!!!!
07-25-04 Now a Housing Bubble?
07-27-04 9-11's Israel Connection
07-28-04 The Hole in JFK's Economic Team
07-30-04 Kerry Triangulates
07-31-04 The Conservative Case for Kerry
08-02-04 Can Bush Rally the World?
08-03-04 Shall We Say a Prayer for Ariel Sharon?
08-09-04 Revisiting the Minimum Wage
08-10-04 Remembering a Chat With Mu'ammar Qaddafi
08-11-04 Thinking About Slobodan Milosevic
08-15-04 Climate Change and Regime Change
08-17-04 Three Cheers for Hugo Chavez
08-18-04 Oh No!! Not Porter Goss!!!
08-20-04 Who's Afraid of EMP?
08-22-04 Take Back Kerry's Medals
08-24-04 Kerry's Antiwar Activism
08-28-04 A Vision for Health Care
08-30-04 Would Kerry Have Invaded Iraq?
09-01-04 What Middle Class Squeeze?
09-04-04 'The Curse of the Comfort Zone'
09-06-04 Pat Buchanan for President!!
09-10-04 If Kerry Were President, Saddam Would Still Be in Power!
09-14-04 Bushies Backing the Chechen Terrorists?
09-17-04 Global Warming Science is Settled
09-20-04 A 'Cut-and-Run' Decision Cooking?
09-21-04 Regime Change in Iran?
09-24-04 Rigging the Iraqi Elections
09-27-04 'The Media. Losing Their Way'
09-29-04 Diplomacy is Cheaper Than War
10-01-04 A Few Comments on the Debate
10-03-04 'What's Going on in the USA?'
10-04-04 A Global Test for Pre-emptive War?
10-05-04 Dixy Lee Ray's Volcano
10-08-04 Our Misinformed President
10-11-04 President Bush's Second Term
10-12-04 ASaddam's "Oil For Food Scandal"
10-13-04 Blix & Ritter:"We Told You So."
10-15-04 Greenspan & Those High Oil Prices
10-17-04 The Flu Vaccine Crisis
10-18-04 Dick Cheney's Lesbian Daughter
10-19-04 A Bully Message from Teddy
10-20-04 Death in Darfur
10-22-04 Demas for Congress!!!
10-24-04 Kerry should Win, But....
10-25-04 Bush Should Win, But...
10-27-04 A Vote for Senator Kerry
10-29-04 The Al Qaqaa Explosives
11-02-04 Interpreting the Osama Tape
11-03-04 What if Bush Wins?
11-05-04 Falluja & Those Mass Graves
11-07-04 Yasir Arafat, a True Peacemaker
11-09-04 How Could Kerry Lose?
11-12-04 Arafat's Dead? Rewrite History!!
11-15-04 A Vote for Arlen Specter
11-17-04 Memo to Condoleeza Rice
11-19-04 Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat!!!
11-22-04 "The Truth About Camp David"
11-26-04 The Weakening Dollar
11-28-04 Memo from Moscow
12-01-04 Wall Street Journal to the IAEA
12-03-04 Should Iraqis Boycott the Election?
12-05-04 A Jewish Elephant?
12-08-04 One Energy Crisis After Another
12-10-04 What Oil-for-Food Scandal?
12-12-04 Fixing the Democratic Party
12-13-04 Beheading ElBaradei
12-15-04 Life in Baghdad These Days
12-18-04 In Defense of Don Rumsfeld
12-19-04 Gas Chamber for Chemical Ali?
12-21-04 Good News for Saddam Hussein
12-24-04 Christmas Eve, 1945
12-26-04 A 1996 Political Letter
12-27-04 Yikes!! Fiscal Responsibility!!!
12-29-04 How About a New Cold War
12-31-04 The Wonders of Classical Music
01-02-05 'They Made America'
01-04-05 The Bogeyman Will Get You!!
01-05-05 A New Account on Why Camp David Failed
01-07-05 Steve Forbes for World Bank!!!
01-10-05 A Hydrogen-Powered Boondoggle
01-11-05 Saving Social Security via Tax Reform
01-14-05 Religious Toleration Under Saddam? Really?
01-18-05 The Retirement of Joe Lunchbucket
01-19-05 A Diplomatic Condi Rice? Hmmm
01-21-05 Inaugural Rhetoric & Reality
01-22-05 Jack Kemp, Jimmy Carter & Saddam Hussein
01-23-05 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man'
01-26-05 Condi Rice is Incompetent
01-28-05 What It's Like in Baghdad
01-30-05 Kerry in '08? Forget It
02-01-05 The Sunday Voting in Iraq
02-02-05 How to Fix Social Security
02-04-05 One of Saddam's Men Speaks Out
02-06-05 Greenspan Dumps on Adam Smith
02-08-05 Noxious Partisanship on Capitol Hill
02-11-05 Counting a Bowl of Candy Kisses
02-14-05 Massacres
02-15-05 The Origins of Anti-Semitism
02-16-05 The Origins of Anti-Semitism, Part II
02-18-05 The Origins of Anti-Semitism III
02-19-05 Negroponte, a Neo-Con? Shocking!!
02-23-05 Alan Greenspan's Savings' Hole
02-25-05 Baghdad Street Scene
02-27-05 The Devaluation of Democracy
03-02-05 Greenspan Wants Higher Interest Rates?
03-04-05 Frank Rich Remembers Hunter Thompson
03-06-05 An Appreciation of Ivana Maine
03-07-05 John Bolton, a Bully Diplomat
03-09-05 India Swings on the Laffer Curve
03-11-05 Let's Make a Giant Omelet!! Or Not.
03-13-05 Why So Many Bankruptcies?
03-16-05 Wolfowitz at the World Bank
03-18-05 Letter from Lisbon, re Wolfowitz
03-20-05 Preparing for Saddam's Trial
03-21-05 The Grace of Humility at the Top of the World
03-25-05 How Much is Terri Schiavo's Life Worth
03-28-05 My Apologies to Dave Ranson
03-29-05 America's Gunboat Diplomacy
04-01-05 The Neo-Cons vs the United Nations
04-03-05 Pope John Paul II
04-05-05 China and the Vatican
04-06-05 California Democracy, Soviet-Style
04-08-05 Cruising Through Retirement?
04-10-05 Tiger Woods & His 4th Masters
04-11-05 The Real Threat from John Bolton
04-12-05 Keep Your Eyes on John Negroponte
04-15-05 Remember Tiananmen Square!!
04-17-05 The Bayoil Indictment -- the Real Scandal
04-21-05 Is Condi Competent?
04-22-05 A Good Deed for President Bush
04-24-05 The Supreme Court & the Nuclear Option
04-26-05 Another War With North Korea?
04-30-05 The New Baghdad Government
05-02-05 What Does Bill Thomas Have Up His Sleeve?
05-03-05 Islam, An Evil Religion?
05-06-05 Evil Muhammed? Evil Islam
05-08-05 John Bolton, a Force of Darkness
05-09-05 "Un-Journalism" at the New Yorker
05-10-05 An Islamic Scholar Responds
05-14-05 The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr
05-16-05 The Importance and Wisdom of Rep. Bill Thomas
05-18-05 Candy Kisses
05-20-05 Norm Coleman for President???
05-23-05 Iraq Started the Iran/Iraq War?
05-25-05 Golden Oldie: Big Earth, Little Us
05-27-05 Bob Novak on "The Way the World Works"
05-30-05 Foxman vs Farrakhan
06-01-05 Mr. Bush is Still Misinformed
06-05-05 Deep Throat Was Wrong; Nixon Was Not Guilty
06-06-05 Here Comes the President's Poodle
06-08-05 Welcome Barney Calame
06-11-05 Stupid Bipartisanship
06-14-05 Sketching the Laffer Curve
06-15-05 'Reviving the Foreign-Aid Racket'
06-17-05 75th Anniversary of Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
06-18-05 Getting Out of Iraq
06-20-05 War With Iran Already Begun?
06-22-05 A Left-Wing Bias in Public Broadcasting?
06-25-05 Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice
06-27-05 Suicide Bombers as Freedom Fighters?
06-29-05 A Year Ago Today, a Message to Fed
07-02-05 The President's Dream World
07-03-05 A Fourth of July Confetti Omelet
07-04-05 A Fair Trial for Saddam?
07-05-05 Saving Democracy in California
07-06-05 A Good Word for President Bush
07-08-05 The G-8 and Black Africa
07-11-05 A Congressman Admits a Mistake!!!
07-13-05 What's the Real Story on Karl Rove?
07-15-05 A Salute to Jack Nicklaus
07-17-05 What's Going On, Fitzgerald? Nadagate?
07-19-05 Solved!!: The Dropout Puzzle
07-22-05 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
07-25-05 That "Downing Street Memo"
07-26-05 Ron Paul's Great Question
07-29-05 A Chinese/Asian Currency Zone?
08-01-05 Check Out Antiwar.com
08-03-05 The Fracturing of the AFL-CIO
08-05-05 Starvation and Death in Niger
08-07-05 Will Judith Miller Talk?
08-09-05 In Defense of the Iranians
08-10-05 In Defense of North Korea
08-12-05 There is No Housing Bubble
08-14-05 John McCain, Blabbermouth
08-16-05 Political Pilgrims at the National Review
08-17-05 How to Block Those Illegal Mexicans!!
08-19-05 Roberts for Chief Justice!!!
08-21-05 Are We Really Better Off Without Saddam
08-23-05 When Do the Pundits Apologize?
08-26-05 Iraq and the Cardboard Democrats
08-29-05 An Optimistic Israel Scenario
08-30-05 Jude Wanniski (1936-2005)
09-21-05 Jude's Final Thoughts on Iraq
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