A Gold Dinar
Jude Wanniski
November 24, 2004


From:Jude Wanniski jwanniski@polyconomics.com
To: James K. Galbraith <galbraith@* * * * *.edu>
Re: A Gold Dinar

Jamie... It is time to strike. Our policymakers are scared to death. And Wall Street hotshots (Steve Roach of Morgan Stanley in the lead) are running around predicting armageddon. They are nitwits, but if we are going to get a new and better Bretton Woods, we have to expect a crisis atmosphere. Nice to see you are stiffening spines somewhere, but you are far away from the BIG FULCRUM to change the world -- if you are willing to help grap hold of the BIG LEVER. Huh? Of course I'm not going to meet with you again unless you stiffen your spine and forget about making your pals happy. Get aboard the Archimedean Express!!!


PS  Happy Thanksgiving

At 06:11 PM 11/24/2004, you wrote:

You are, I have to say it, endlessly inventive!  Have a good Thanksgiving and let's meet again sometime next year.  Greetings from Berlin where I'm trying to stiffen the spines of the German trade unions, against the deflationists (some of them socialist, for god's sake) pushing "labor market reform."