Jude Wanniski
June 23, 2005


From: Jude Wanniski  <        
To:      Ben.S.Bernanke@ * * * * *.GOV                                               
Subject: confirmation

10:23 am, 6/23/2005

I forgot to mention that I saw you with the President on CNBC getting introduced as CEA chair.  You would be pleased to know that the commentators lavished praise on you in terms of the likelihood that you will soon be moving up as Fed chair, especially noting how much "Wall Street" likes you. I was actually surprised at how you seem to be the choice of the CNBC team to succeed Greenspan.


PS  John Snow absolutely dreadful in the China hearings this am before Senate Finance. I know he and Alan are trying to stop protectionist legislation from passing the Senate, but Snow practically encouraged the Senate to bash China.