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April 14, 2005


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From Ben S. Bernanke, 3:31 pm, 4/14/2005

Thanks for the sugestion.  My start date depends on the whims of the senate.
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When do you start at CEA?

One thing you might do on Day One is to ask CEA staff to assemble the tax schedules for the poorest countries in the world. You could have an astounding impact if you could make the case to the President that this would be an easy thing to do and have incredible positive results -- forcing a change in the IMF model that demolishes countries.  This is an area where liberal Democrats would not oppose you. They can still oppose supply-side tax cuts here at home, arguing they've cut to the bone, but they will readily accept the idea that it is insane for Sudan to have 45% income-tax rates for everything over $35 a year (or some such).