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July 27, 2000


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Not sure how you got this far into the site before midnight, but will have someone take a (careful) look at blackelectorate.

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Congratulations on your new website... great to see Susan Lee, Seth and   Bray back in action. Thanks for including my website as a favorite.

You should bookmark and list it as one of your opinion columns on the new website. Cedric Muhammad, 29, is a protege  of mine. He has mastered supply-side economics and his website, only four  months old, is attracting black intellectuals from all over the world. Go into his column and his archive is listed alongside.... Read his  interview with Steve Hanke on currency boards and you will see a great young mind at work. You can also read his debate with Eddie Cross, in the black opposition to Mugabe in Zimbabwe, on the role of the IMF and World Bank. If there is a better black website, I don't know of it.... You should also check out Gordon Prather's column at You need an antidote to Perle, both personally and on the page. There is no need to break the ABM treaty if we join Putin in building an Aegis fleet defense.

Kemp is taking the lead in a campaign to get Bush to name Steve Forbes his Treasury Secretary. The only man -- perhaps with the exception of Kemp  himself -- who can force through an IMF/World Bank reform that does not spill too much blood in the process. Dick Gilder, Steve Moore and the Club for Growth are pulling out all the stops to get the campaign going. Even if Bush picks someone else, we have to make it clear to him that Nick Brady Jr. will not do. We are afraid that Bill Archer will campaign for the job and get it... or one of Poppy's friends on Wall Street will provide the name.

Met with Pedro Aspe yesterday in NYC... Concerned that Vicente Fox will get off on the wrong foot.