Dick Morris
Jude Wanniski
December 26, 2000


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Although Morris is correct in asserting that Alan Greenspan linked interest rate reductions to the Clinton tax increases, I doubt he has it quite right this time.

* The FOMC statement included the words, "the FOMC will continue to monitor events," which I read as a code for an intermeeting conference call. That would mean that the only way Greenspan could avoid three dissenting votes on one side or the other was to agree to a conference call.

* I suspect that Greenspan was putting all his eggs in a friendly Sec of Treas rather than on an interest rate--fiscal policy deal up front. Greenspan could not have survived this long without a genuine high regard for the presidency.

Morris does not ring true.

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Did you see Dick Morris in the NYPost today? It sounds kind of true, but still does not ring true. What do you think? [Angell, Wayne (Exchange)]  


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